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Published on September 10, 2013

It about 2 A.M. in the morning and I am down in the Heart Center Astrological Library completing the final preparations for the move later today. As you can see, there are hundreds of boxes all packed up, sealed, and ready to go. I am just cleaning up loose ends.

Allied Van Lines was here all day yesterday (with a big truck) packing books. Today they will complete packing, load the books into the van, and drive them to the University of Illinois Library in Champaign, Illinois, where the library will become part of their permanent collection, available to scholars and researchers.

People keep asking me if I am emotional about the library leaving. The answer is I am emotional, but not about the library leaving. I'm a little emotional in general these days, but I don't exactly know about what. It is not the books leaving, because within days I will have refashioned the main library room into (hopefully) a much better recording studio. I am adding sound absorption panels to the diffusion that books already provide.

Yes, I still have more books, and will be moving them into the library, alternately filling shelves with books and sound panels. The end result should be great. My good friend (and musician/composer/producer) Tyler Duncan is working with me to get the sound right.

Nostalgia? Not much. My mind is usually on the future, if not the present. I have never been much interested in the past, including most history. I get the idea of what happened yesteryear and much of it is not exactly inspirational.

I know I am in the midst of life change just now because there is a lot going on. Mostly I love change, but change (for me anyway) can have a pendulum quality, swinging this way and that. Well, when it swings "that" way, meaning toward the shaky side of change, things get a little sketchy and I am more emotional.

Let's see… In the last month or so I sold my software company, retired, donated the library, had a retreat intensive, have guests coming to visit…. not to mention that normal waterfall of having children and grandchildren ... Hmmmm. That's probably enough change to keep me occupied just now, an providing an emotional ripple every once in a while.

[Photo of the library almost ready to go, taken in the wee hours.]