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Published on September 16, 2013

Now that the Heart Center Studio is more-or-less reconfigured and ready to go, what's next on my "retiree" agenda?

Looming large is this coming weekend's "Harvest Gathering" of festival musicians on the Bernard Farm near Lake City, Michigan. Margaret and I will be driving up there today to scout it out and to deliver our pop-up tent, which will be used to give meditation instructions and for visiting Lama Karma to meet with folks.

From what I hear, many volunteers are already up on the farm and have been there for days working to make this event better than ever.

Aside from non-stop music on three stages, there will also be workshops on the healing and wellness arts, partner dancing, open recovery and support, dance meditation technique, and others topics, including cultivating compassion with Lama Karma from our monastery in upstate New York.

Also there are various vendors of apparel, pottery, and so on. I will be giving meditation instructions for those interested throughout the weekend.

Did I mention organic food from local produce, along with pizza, paella, and farm-grown grass-fed burgers? It's happening.

If you can make it, come join our instant village for the weekend and hang out. Most of my family will be there, including my granddaughter Emma. Emma will want to ride in the golf cart (with grandpa) that I will be ferrying folks around in.

The gathering will be featuring veteran "Jazz Heroes" Karl Berger and Ingrid Sertso, good friends of mine.

Here is the link for more information:


[Photo (and little-green Harvest Gathering logo) by me.]