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Published on October 16, 2013

Many of you have read these blogs from time to time. Some are regulars. I have found that not everyone reads. Many like to watch video or just listen to audio books, so I have been busy clearing the decks and assembling a decent studio environment, one capable of producing broadcast-quality videos that can be watched or just listened to. It is now pretty much complete. I have done my homework and I have a few questions for my Facebook friends.

You have seen what I write about. What topics would you like to see turned into videos, with me as a talking head, perhaps punctuated with some graphics and photos? My videos on YouTube (in general) are several eight-minute segments hooked together. Eight minutes is the length of segments produced for my cable show, so I am trying stick with that as a minimum.

Some have commented that when I string several of these together, so the piece is 24 or 30-minutes long, very few people have that much time. I can understand.

Topics I am capable of talking about include astrology, geomancy, music, initiation, western esoteric traditions, empowerment, mentors, and all kinds of introductory dharma topics. And of course, I have personal stories I can tell related to most of the above. I also could do topics like entrepreneurship and things like that. And I also know a good deal about blues, jazz, rock, and world music, so I could always share that. And so on.

Right now I find myself at a corner or turning point, and could use your feedback, if you would be so kind.

The questions are:

What type of subjects do you like best that I do?

How many minutes long would you prefer?

Would you rather see my talking head or have all talks illustrated with me only as narrator?

Folks, I am pretty much determined to share what I can about the topics I most know and love, so this is the chance to offer some guidance in what will happen, please. I consider most of what I write about "alternative spirituality" or just awareness training. I could use your help in guiding what I do and am asking you to please comment. Some books, videos, and articles are here.


Do let me know your thoughts on this.

[Photo: This was taken at our newly-converted Heart Center Studios, where I imagine I will be spending a lot of time. Everything is hooked up and ready to go, lights, camera, and waiting for the action.]