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Published on October 18, 2013

I don't like to post more than one blog a day, but I feel kind of obligated to point out the forthcoming eclipse tonight. As you know, coming events cast their shadows.

We are in another one of those double eclipse periods, a time when there are two eclipses spaced two weeks apart. There is one today (Oct. 16, 2013) at 7:39 PM EDT and then another on November 3, 2013 at 07:50 AM EST.

So we are entering a two-week interim eclipse period, traditionally a special time because we have two eclipse alignments within two weeks of one another.

In the Tibetan tradition, the lamas distinguish the New and Full Moons are times when what are called the "winds and the channels" come into alignment within us. They go on to say that with eclipse times, that alignment is even more exact. I have written about these eclipse times often here, and I point you toward a free e-book "Vision of the Eclipse: here:


Obviously here in the west, we pay about no attention to eclipses and have no general knowledge of the alignment of different inner centers and so forth. But in Tibet, India, China, and other Asian countries, these eclipse times are set aside as times when it is auspicious (and beneficial) to observe our mindstream.

Of course the astrological planetary patterns at the times of different eclipses vary, and can be very different indeed. I am not going to wax on about eclipses and the various kinds of inner visions that can take place during them. You can read in the above book (or watch my video on the topic) if you wish for that.

I will offer a little something about the planetary patterns that will be kaleidoscoping themselves over these next two weeks, since that might be useful.

Of course, Full Moon today, and this particular one should have a little more spiritual tone than usual. Today and tonight might be a great time to spend with loved ones or just gazing at your own inner sky.

But the overarching pattern that catches my attention and that will increasing perfect itself over the next two weeks is something more internal than external. In other words, don't look for it to manifest in your day-to-day outer world (don't look around you), but rather look within, look inside.

And what you may see is nothing so new, as it is some conditions that have been there for quite a while finally coming into real focus. And they areā€¦

A change of heart or a change of direction quite deep within you. It is not as simple as a career change, since that would outward, but it might be discovering (and quite suddenly) how you really feel, and what is truly important in your life.

Again, I am not suggesting an obvious thought you may have had, but rather something affecting us more deeply than that, hitting on a more vulnerable nerve, or even touching the quick.

Now this inner movement may result in our changing our outward life somehow, but it will manifest first deep within us and have to work its way toward the surface. We may feel it coming.

So, there you have a quick overview (IMO) of the coming two weeks of dual eclipses. Nothing you can do to prepare for it other than, as the Tibetans point out, set some time aside to observe and properly record your mindstream. By all means turn your awareness recorder on.