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Published on November 5, 2013


My granddaughter Emma and her mom Anne returned here last night after a weekend at the first Michigan Permaculture Convergence, a three-day convocation in South East Lower Michigan where my daughter Anne cooked for the whole event. Anne is (among other things) a professional-level cook who does catering from time to time for groups like these. I wish I had been there.

A couple of years ago I gave a series of teachings to a permaculture group in Traverse City Michigan at the invitation of permaculture leader and teacher (and now friend) Penny Krebiehl. I was not totally clear what permaculture was at the time and I am still in a learning mode on that issue. I know that it is concerned with ecological and environmental design issues along with self-maintained agricultural systems that are modeled after natural ecosystems.

And here is the funny part. I was not drawn to this subject by its attributes, but rather by exposure to the people interested in it, kind of an odd way into an interest. As a naturalist, of course I am into environmental anything, but am usually not a joiner.

However, I can say from my experience with this particular group of people (these permaculturists) that I was from the very first totally impressed by the quality of people who study this subject, with their humility, their intense interest in the topic, and sheer activity. These are mostly younger people (of course to me, just about everyone is a younger person), but I felt like, for some reason, these were my kind of people. I have seldom felt like that, ever.

I noted it, but did not take it further at the time. This was in 2011. Then, speaking with my daughter Anne on the phone last night after the convergence, she had a similar impression of these people as did I. She too felt at home with this group and her daughter Emma (going on two-years of age) felt so relaxed in the atmosphere of the day-care center there that she fell asleep around folks she didn't even know. So that too is another sign to me. What's with these folks?

Anyway, I'm in. I have got to find out more about this topic. Whatever these permaculture folks are into, it has got to be good or I wouldn't have these feelings about them. I thought I would share my thoughts here. Anyway, Penny Krebiehl, count me in. What can I do to help?

[Photo by Tyler Franz of my granddaughter Emma at the Permaculture Convergence. She's into it too.]