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Published on December 21, 2013

At the end of this blog I will post links to some new videos that I just put together on Local Space, a form of relocation astrology I developed in the early 1970s, which is now an integral part of most astrological software, but here I just want to offer a taste of what this powerful relocation is all about.

There is at least one aspect of relocation astrology that is perhaps not so well understood, and that is that we can achieve instantly by relocation what otherwise might only be achieved over a long period of time by transits and progressions. Let me explain.

Those of us who have studied astrology know that there are events waiting out there in our future that will affect us for better or for worse. Professional astrologers use astrological techniques like transits and progressions to pinpoint future events that will impact each of us personally. An example of this might perhaps be a major Saturn transit or bringing the progressed Sun to a conjunction with our natal Venus. These are coming events that are astrologically significant and that even now cast their shadows on our present life. They are out there waiting until their time. Let’s take a hypothetical example:

Suppose we are looking forward to a Venus event, something that will activate our sense of love, compassion, or our ability to feel and appraise things. Perhaps these qualities are absent in our life or of such minor magnitude that we know we need more of whatever they represent. Astrologically, we can look at our transits and/or progressions, scanning the future with astrological techniques for Venus events that in time will impact us.

However, using relocation techniques, we can see that by moving to a particular city we can bring about a Venus experience at once, just by relocating to that location. And if we aren’t able to relocate, we can at least travel there on vacation and bathe in whatever experience that location may provide.

In other words, we can achieve by a relocation in space what otherwise we might have to wait in time for to have the same experience. It is this ability to more-or-less instantly gratify a deep inner need that makes relocation astrology so popular today. We don’t have to wait five or fifty years for an auspicious transit or progressed aspect. Instead, we can examine our relocation possibilities and act on them whenever we like.

Perhaps best of all we can take a one-day trip or a longer vacation at various auspicious locations and get some sense of whether we like it there. We can see what happens to us in that locale, whether it is fun and an enhancement or no-fun, disappointing.

Another way of putting this (and this is, to me, the beauty of local space astrology), is that Heaven and Earth are interchangeable – or are in the last analysis, one living entity, a single whole. As my teacher would say,
“This is it!”

With the local space chart, this is made ever so clear, a chart where every object in the universe, celestial and mundane, has an equal and valid position. Not only the planets and the stars, but on an equal basis cities, countries, and even the local water tower or friends' houses can be represented. All that concerns us is the direction in space, the orientation, not the distance. In local space the Heavens and Earth, the celestial and mundane (or geographic) spheres, exist side by side and are interchangeable. A star is a city is a neighbor. We can walk towards, write letters to, or get up and travel into, for instance, our seventh house: and what is perhaps more important, we do all the time!

More startling yet, we can travel into our natal planets since they also represent a direction on the globe in the chart of local space. Here, in a hopeless intermingling of the various planes of reference and of objects, a strange and, I must confess, somewhat magical view of our world begins to unfold and emerge: one in which every city and friend becomes a radiating center of influence.

In this sphere, the long tradition of witchcraft and magic begins to become understandable; here local deities and preferred directions become the rule and the world seems a tangle of significance. The psychedelic character in local space charts is unmistakable and appears to be intrinsic to the system. The world appears as kind of a grand talisman or vast ritual ground, and the closest popular image of a similar nature in modern consciousness is the remarkable world of Don Juan as generated by
the author Carlos Castaneda.

Here is no "subtle plane" but a personal landscape painted in bold and clear strokes and tailor made to fit the psyche of each individual. Here is a world where the modern man is learning to move across the face of this earth in an endless dance of adjustment and tuning of his radix – of his self. Individuals driven in particular directions on a checkerboard world, unable to resist travelling toward a goal that is no particular place on earth so much as it is a direction imprinted within them, the direction of a force or planet, "There! Where Power hovers," to use Don Juan's expression. In a word, here is perhaps the must vulgar astrological system, where the obvious is enthroned and the subtle unnecessary.

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