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Published on December 22, 2013

I have been working with the structure of deep-space astrophysics for nearly 44 years. Astrologer Charles A. Jayne (my close friend) and I were about the only people I am aware of who were interested in the subject back in the early 1970s. Of course, there was German Supreme Court Justice (and astrologer) Theodor Landscheidt, whose every word on the subject is worth reading. Theodore and I became friends later in the 1970s. I sent him one of the first home computers back then, all the way to Germany, on which he did some of his ground-breaking research .

Many astrologers have asked me what is the meaning of points like the galactic and supergalactic centers. Of course, I could rattle off their coordinates and a few other particulars. But if you are actually interested in understanding the nature of cosmic structure from an astrological point of view, see if you can get through the following. Take it slow and think it through.

A central idea for understanding recent cosmic research is the use and value of various astrological coordinate systems (geo, helio, galactic, etc) as best representing the different levels of our experience. Each system has a center and the word CENTER can mean both the same and yet something different to individuals. Take your own center, for example.

The center about which our life appears to revolve is sacred to us in its ability to reveal or communicate to us the essence or identity of ourselves. The center for each of us always refers inward to our essence, and yet the center or lifeline of one individual may be a new car at one point in his life, a new wife/husband, or a child at another point. At each point, the meaning of center is inviolate, although the outward form of what we take for our lifeline to the center constantly is changing.

The different kinds of center may be conveniently expressed in the various coordinate systems of astrology. The origin or center chosen should most correspond to the center of gravity, the "kind" of question or inquiry or level being considered. Thus for a study of the personal differences and circumstances and the specific terms of our life, we traditionally use the horizon coordinate system in relation to the zodiac with its familiar M.C., ascendant, houses etc.

Studies of the general terms of mankind (mundane astrology) involve consideration from the center of the earth or geocentric astrology. This is traditional. For a study of the motion and relation of the bodies in our Solar System considered as a functioning whole, the heliocentric ecliptic system with the origin at the sun center would be appropriate. In this coordinate system we could examine the archetypes of life and consciousness, and in general questions traditionally referred to religion, perhaps more recently also considered by some as psychological or spiritual. I call the heliocentric chart the "dharma" chart.

In like manner, galactocentric and super galactocentric coordinates are appropriate for dynamical studies of the larger or more cosmic structure of our reality. For each of us, there are moments and even days when our awareness is truly of or in synch with cosmic dimensions.

There are different levels of truth or reality. What is essential as the kernel of truth to one may appear to another as one example among many of a larger ordering or structure. When we each refer to our center, around which we revolve, we share in the idea of centers and yet different ones among us revolve around or consider what is central or essential differently. We can agree on that.

All reference to different centers points out simply the lack of Identity or that these seemingly different levels or centers (in fact) form a continuum -- a continuing experience or identification. The following may help clarify this:

All of these larger systems such as the solar system, galaxy, and so forth include us within their reaches like a mother holds a child within her womb. We are the children and particular representatives of the earth, and the solar system, but ALSO of the galaxy and beyond. Their nature, identity, and self is Identical with our own. In fact, w e have come through this "outer space" through all the time there is and has been to BE HERE NOW: ourselves.

Our day-to-day consciousness continually circulates from more particular awareness to more "cosmic" awareness and back again. We do this all the time. From an astrological perspective, the exercise of various astrological coordinate systems, like exercising our muscles, can serve to remind us that ¬all reference to centers (all referral in fact) indicates an attempt to achieve circulation (circle or cycle) of identity -- to RE-MEMBER, put back together, or remind ourselves of who we already are and have always been.

In other words: all discovery is self discovery and what we call identification is in fact circulation! Cosmic events and structure are a very consistent and most stable reference frame through which to come to know ourselves. The use of these inclusive meta-coordinate systems is not the symbolic process some suggest, but the symbol in fact is real. We are not working with analogies or, if we are, the analogy is complete down to the specific example through which we discover the virtual process itself -- our Life.

Life or “God” is no beggar, creating a symbolically true but specifically disappointing creation, such that we should have to "touch up" his creation or somehow make the ends meet. The ends already meet! It is we who will change first our attitude and then gradually our approach to this creation.

And these changes in attitude, this reorientation in approach to what is unchanging or everlasting in life, represent the specific areas where the exercise and use of various coordinate systems of understanding our life become important to present day astrologers. To discover our own orientation and inclination -- that we are already perfect representatives of all space and all time, acting out in detail through our persons events of a so called "cosmic" nature that occur in space at remote distance and times.

Supernovae and black holes are not simply some ever-distant cataclysmic events, but are (rather) part of our own everyday experience acted out in fact by persons within the galaxy of our own experience. The goal of our study and our inquiry into astrology is to re-present and re-veal the nature of ourselves and our intimate circulation and connection and identity in the heart of the earth, heart of the sun, heart of the galaxy, heart of the supergalaxy, etc.

In a word that ALL IDENTIFICATION IS CIRCULATION (a continuing or circle) and all Inquiry, questioning, and search can but end in the discovery of our self whether "writ small" in the corners of our personal struggle or "writ large" across the very heavens. Again: all self-discovery, all Identification is re-discovery and simple CIRCULATION.