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Published on December 28, 2013

Am I counting the Sun's march toward spring, about four extra minutes of daylight each day? Yeah, I guess I am. Sorry about the sleds, skis, and snowshoes which I could be on, but am not. Oh well, the occasional sunny day will come.

Meanwhile, I enclose a photo I made this morning while testing out a new lens here (the Zeiss Otus 60mm APO f/1.4), for some more moody atmospherics. I have been a little that way myself lately, but the kids are here and there is always Emma! Emma and I had some good laughs yesterday. She is not even two-years old, but already speaks in full sentences, or is not afraid to try to. My problem is trying to explain to her when I don't understand exactly what some word that she is saying means. Her response is to repeat it, and endlessly, until I understand. I find myself just nodding my head a lot.

Not feeling too astrological just now, but a quick look at the geocentric and heliocentric charts for this moment shames me into sharing at least a few words, since they could possibly be useful to some of you. So here is the current skinny on the astro-weather. And I am going to contrast what is going on outside with us, and that which is more how we feel inside it all.

Outside we are driven or feel like we should accomplish something. Either there is a lot we should actually do or we just feel that way, that we should be busier, and are not getting enough done. Not only that, but the outside can seem real jangly or hectic just now and this could go on for about a week. It might not just be the Christmas rush and that dead space until New Year.

Meanwhile, inside of the outside of us, we don't have much of that inner something, call it drive, push, or will to get things done. It is pretty balanced in there. Or course, there is that interminable T-Square with Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter still hanging fire, which touches the quick in use concerning some basic life directing we might be doing, call it career concerns, or what have you. Apparently all that will have to wait.

And here is the warning, call it advice or just a suggestion. There is another pattern that is holding forth, again, on the inside that is confusing the issue, and we are the issue. Basically there is the opportunity or susceptibility for us to either fall into (or worry about falling into) some old reoccurring patterns, let's call them syndromes or syndrome-like behavior, which is just another word for rut. So watch out for that. And by watch out, I mean don't worry about it. It will go away in a week or two, and resolve itself into some clarity that will cause it to dissolve and just go away. Don't sweat it.

So, there you have a few words on the heavenly sky writing that is also the script for what we are acting out down here on Earth for the moment.