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Published on December 29, 2013

We had some interglacial thaw yesterday, with temperatures reaching 45 degrees. Of course that melted stuff and when it refroze it left sheets of ice you could skate on. Coming home late last night I had to climb from the snowbank onto the porch and kind of crawl to the door, since the porch and steps were totally glazed over. Of course I was trying to carry about four cloth bags full of groceries.

And we were out late too. It was midnight before Margaret and I got home from Traverse City, about an hour and one-half drive, where we attended the wedding of family friends Jake Robinson and Kristen Kelly. Everyone was there, including three of my four kids.

Hundreds of people attended and for a while it was standing-room only, wherever you stood. My two-year old granddaughter Emma was there too, but little miss "I'm in Charge" was overwhelmed (as was I) by the crowd and the endless milling around (in what seemed like slow motion) we all had to do to get anywhere.

I was a bit lost for a while, but eventually found a corner and a high glass table behind which I wedged myself, sitting there on a very tall chair overlooking the stage and the crowd. And there was music too, including Dominic and Rachel Davis, Josh Davis, a short set by the Greensky Bluegrass, then Jen Sygit, and also my daughter May Erlewine and her husband Seth Bernard. May, who is by now way pregnant (and a glad sight to see) sang beautifully. And when we finally hit the road, more music was on the way, including a set by Frank Youngman and I don't know who else. We had to start back because it was getting late.

Earlier that day, we had a kind of dinner (or very late lunch) at the Oriyana Food Coop's little sandwich shop. It was much better than going through the whole restaurant thing. I had a bowl of Ancho Chile and a tempeh-Reuben sandwich, with some corn chips. As we sat at a little table, a young lady musician sang folk songs a table or two away. I can remember my daughter May doing the same thing at Oriyana not that long ago. Life is so much like a dream sometimes.

Anyway, the whole day out was fun, and everyone I know loves Jake and Kristen, so it really was a celebration, as weddings should be. This one actually was. Congratulations Kristen and Jake!

And now I had better go feed the dogs and clean the kitchen, as we have a house full of guests who came in after we did. I bet they will all sleep in.

[Photo by me.]