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Published on January 2, 2014

They're back! As the Sun by rotation turns some active sunspots toward earth, a massive near X-Class solar flare (M9.9) blew off the solar surface and, instead of heading farther into space like usual, mostly fell back into the Sun itself. You can see this happen at this link:


That last couple of days have seen two very strong solar flares. In the past I have written all kinds of articles, videos, and even a complete book on solar flares and their psychic and spiritual effects on our minds, so I won't repeat everything about what this might mean, but you might want to browse for that here:


This solar intensity definitely adds something to the current mix and raises the bar on our inner activity. Meanwhile, here at Erlewine home base we are getting ready for a recording session at the studio. My daughter May is making a new album, and musicians (sidemen) from all around are headed in this direction for a few days of intense activity, shared meals, companionship, and, of course, music.

For myself I can't wait to hear the new songs May has written. My daughter Anne (and granddaughter Emma who always wants to help) will be cooking meals, and I no-doubt will be chopping veggies, so we are clearing the decks and making ready for a high time. There is nothing like a recording session, because everyone is doing their best to cooperate and, literally, make harmony.

It is cold outside these days, but the studio is sure to be warm and mostly likely a hot spot.