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Published on May 7, 2013

Just your friendly astro-weather man pointing out that we have a solar eclipse this Thursday May 9, 2013 at 8:29 PM EDT, a New Moon, which means an eclipse of the sun. This will be the second of three eclipses in a row, a relatively unusual event.

I will spare you the repetition of what these eclipse times are all about. Suffice it to say that these are times of clarity and insight, if we can allow ourselves to slow down enough to receive them. Those of you new to the concept of the psychological use of eclipses, please see my free e-book "The Vision of the Eclipse" here:


There is also a video on eclipses, here:


As for a quick astrological scan, aside from the eclipses, we are in one of those times (astrologically speaking) when the difference between our inside activity and what is going on around us on the outside is not much. Like a summer day, when we walk outside of our mind just now, things will feel pretty much the same as they do in here.

In an earlier blog I promised to give at least some astrological interpretation of this triple-eclipse time we are in. And it has been a bit of a listless time, for many of us on involving just kind of waiting around.

We may feel a gnawing urge or emptiness now and then as if something is missing in our life, but we can't quite get our mind around it. And we may not be able to make that feeling go away, at least for a while. It has been there for a while, that, and perhaps a vague (but persistent) sense of feeling somehow vulnerable, and for no reason we can quite put our finger on.

The whole world has been in a fairly prolonged period of just kind of hanging fire, you know, just sort of floating out there in the mind, unable to fully connect or move ourselves to action, to get things done, waiting for… we don't really know what. Reaching the point of action on issues may be difficult just now. We have to wait.

I am sure that for many of us this kind of prolonged sense of waiting amounts to a feeling of ennui, basic dissatisfaction and even boredom. Too many thoughts not absorbed by action and the doing of things. Anyway, that is the basic idea I want to communicate here, and it has been with us for a while.

The good news is that this whole sense of listlessness and manually marking time will gradually dissolve over the next week (or so) as we start to reengage in a more visceral and physical way. In other words, life will balance itself out a bit and become (once again) more dynamic and, well, just normal.

We will feel more balanced, but the vulnerability issue may still dog us for a while yet. We may have to just become inured to it, buck up, and ignore it. After all, we can't wait out everything, right?

Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and get on with things. This is one of those times. We can walk it off easier than we can wait it out.

I hope this has been helpful to at least some folks out there. I am in the same boat on all of this.

[Recent photo. When the Forsythia bloom, we know spring is here.]