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Published on April 20, 2014

Let's remember that we are in an intra-eclipse time, that very special two-week period between back-to-back eclipses, in this case the recent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse April 15, 2014 (3:43 AM EDT), to be followed by the Annular Solar Eclipse (New Moon) on April 29, 2014 at 2:15 AM EDT.

I have written for many years that eclipse times (and in particular the two-week period between two concurrent eclipse times) are a time when visions are possible and very near the surface of our conscious mind. A very great Rinpoche taught me years ago that while New and Full Moons are times of enhanced inner alignment, if that New or Full Moon is also an eclipse, our inner winds & channels (chakras) line up even more perfectly. We are in tune, so to speak. If we will take the time to be observant, we can be aware of these visions.

This is why the Tibetans traditionally set aside the days of New and Full Moon (more so if there is an eclipse), as days of observation, days to monitor and observe our own mind. This whole two-week period is such a time, so those of us who understand this might set aside a little time, at least some moments to relax and allow ourselves to be aware of what is happening within, because it happens to all of us at these times, "IF" we can become aware of it.

Now visions, for lack of a better description, are often portrayed (at least graphically) by an image that appears in the sky or mind, but that is IMO just a rather crude approximation of what a vision is. If you are looking for a movie to appear in your head, you will miss it.

A vision is a time of intensiveness, almost like a life-shiver that comes over us. There is the time before a vision, the vision itself, and then the time after the vision, and in the time after the vision we can realize we have changed, or at least have changed our view somewhat. A vision is a day or part of a day (sometimes days) when we are living more intensely -- vividly. As mentioned, a vision has a before, during, and an after. It is a time of intensely being there, taking it all in, and hopefully being aware of it.

So a vision is not a picture in the heavens or sky of our mind, but rather a time, a pivot experience (often a turning point) that separates the past from the future by vividly living the present, thereby laying down a marker of experience in the mind that does just that, engraves our mind with a moment that is more intense than any before or after. And our consciousness rises to the occasion.

Of course, what our particular vision is capable of varies as we vary. Most of the time, so it would appear, we don't even record the experience consciously. But every now and again, if we will make some effort to be aware, we catch a glimpse. And that glimpse is always fertile… seminal and, like a handhold taken by a climber on the face of a sheer cliff, it is these visions through which we climb the tree of our inner life.

I have a number of free books and videos on the Moon, eclipses, and "The Vision of the Eclipse" here:


As for myself, I have been very quiet lately, busy, but very quiet. Just as the warm spring sun finally came out, I have gone in. So I am out but also in, so to speak. Here are a couple poems I wrote about "in and out" many years ago. They will have to do for now, until I find new words.


I am in it all,
The end,
And that’s all,
And the ever it’s coming to be,
And in me is out,
The shadow of doubt,
And the 'in' that is 'out',
That’s me!


In is not within the out,
And out without the in.

In is without the out,
And out within the in.

Sept. 29, 1970