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Published on June 9, 2014

The mind is strange, at least my mind can get that way. Everything is running smoothly and I am all happy doing something or other and suddenly that thread runs out and I come up with nothing. Nada.

Or, things are going along and all of a sudden I am thrown out of whatever I was in and standing there, outside of what I was just inside of. The knee-jerk reaction is to want to get back into whatever I was into because suddenly I am on the outside looking in. And here is the rub: that never works out. I can't go back or snap back in once I pop out.

Instead, what is needed (at least for me) is to accept things just as they are, including the way I feel (which is often not good by that time), however that is. I can't help but want to return to whatever content feeling I remember, but as they say, you can't go home again.

What I can do is throw out my expectations, complaints, memories, etc. and just start all over again with whatever is at hand, just as we do with basic Shamata meditation – bring the mind back and rest in the present. Let me perhaps be clearer.

I am in some kind of groove and things change. I pop out of that and suddenly find myself odd-man-out with my own self. It's uncomfortable, and there is no way to scramble back into being just content. I am already not content and out-of-joint.

What does seem to work is to relax and start over (so to speak), start with the uncomfortable (not-content) situation in which I find myself and rest in that, accept that, and begin again. I use to piss and moan, but these days you will go no more from me than perhaps a faint sigh; I just accept what is and rest in that.

Probably more than you want to know, but that is how it is with me these days.


Early this morning, along a trail in the deep woods, this young Showy Orchid, one of Michigan's finest, is just getting started. We are about a week away from full bloom for this species around here.