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Published on June 9, 2014

I have not been wearing my astrology hat lately because my mind has been on other things. Also, I don't often direct my life using astrology, but tend to check in only now and again on what is happening in the heavens, especially if my engine seems to be running off the track I imagine it is on. I'm not saying I am headed for a train wreck just now, but I do find myself a little up-in-the-air these days, what the occultists call "out-of-the-body," a much misused phrase.

In fact our consciousness moves in and out of the body all the time, but there ARE times when we are really in-there looking out, and other times when we are outside looking in and maybe even knocking on the door. Right now is one of those more disembodied or out-of-the-body times. I could feel it, so I just checked in astrologically and, sure enough, we are really out there, but it will only last for another few days this strong, so hang on. At least that is what I am telling myself.

When I find myself more outside of the body like this, a free floater, I tend to lose touch with things and get unnecessarily abstract. At these times I even yearn for more physical contact and to get more down-to-earth and practical, you know: grounded. I tend to do better when I am in the body enough to at least feel some direction. Right now I feel a little like a kite that has lost its tail – twistin' in the wind… just a bit.

I know this will blow itself out and I will come back down to earth in a bit. That's life, either too down or too high, just like when its winter I want summer and when it is over 100 degrees I want winter. It is the same with in-the-body experiences and out-of-the-body experiences. Since I tend, by nature, to be more of an out-of-the-body (spiritually directed) type, I am drawn to practical, down-to-earth, and in-the-body times. I can take a lot of the physical. That means that right now I am a little too out there in space for comfort. As I mentioned, the peak of this aspect pattern will pass in a few days, but the general out-of-body or voyeurism will stay with us for quite a bit longer. Right now we are all wallflowers.

If this is all Greek to you, I apologize. It is just what I call Astro*Talk, so feel free to ignore it and just look at this photo I took today. You would think that orchids would be kind enough to bloom in the house when it is cold outside, but no, they want to bloom right now, so here is a group blooming.