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Published on June 23, 2014

Back home and in my own bed by 2 A.M, about the time I usually get up. Tired? Oh yeah, way tired.

Four days, four concerts. Last night's concert in Traverse City was so packed that they had to turn many people away, even opening a second room with a huge video screen and streaming the concert into there at half-price. And it was hot in the concert area.

Meanwhile, Margaret and I were hidden away in a backroom with baby Iris taking care of her in the old walkin' the floor fashion. Every night the main idea is the help Iris let go and find sleep. She starts out laughing and even making little singing sounds with me, but like every baby I have ever known, she goes down hard, finally reaching sleep and rest. Grandma Margaret is one dedicated grandma, gradually figuring out what it takes to help Iris sleep. Her mom May give her pointers. Me? I am not so good at it.

My daughter Anne was at the concert with Emma, my two-and-one-half-year-old granddaughter. Emma just had to see her cousin Iris. As you can see from this photo, give these two about ten years and we are in for a lot of trouble. These cousins will rule.

Now to find my way back into my regular life, if I can even remember just what that was.

[Photo by my daughter Anne.]