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Published on July 19, 2014

Thank you for all your well wishes! Yesterday my birthday was a busy one indeed, but not our Sun. We continue with a very quiet sun into today. Scientists are speculating as to whether this is officially the end of the peak of the 11-year sunspot cycle. It has been some three years since the sun has been this quiet.

Among other things, an active sun, as it has been these last years, means that the sun and the solar wind (an ejection stream of particles) creates a protective envelope around itself and of course all its planets, including Earth. This shield keeps out particles and information coming from beyond the sun itself (cosmic rays and whatever) that are streaming from the center of our galaxy and other external space objects and events.

These are the two basic kinds of information streams that we here on Earth receive, either direct radiation and information from the sun itself or radiation and information from beyond the sun. When the sun is strong and active, as mentioned, the cosmic ray information is held more at bay than when the sun is quiet. So either way, we here on Earth are getting information from these two forces in varying amounts, like mixing hot and cold water from a single faucet.

Astrophysicists have shown us that aside from the solar radiation (sunshine) that takes some eight minutes to reach us at the speed of light, there are other waves of radiation and particles that flood into Earth through the two magnetic Polar Regions. CMEs, coronal mass ejections, are waves of solar-flare plasma that can take up to several days to reach Earth, and they are capable of knocking out electrical transformers and interrupting communication satellites and what-not. But there is something more mysterious yet.

Scientists have now empirically shown that Earth is directly connected to the sun (93 million miles away) by a series of magnetic portals that open and close every few minutes. These portals are called FTEs or Flux Transfer Events. Think of an FTE like an express route for solar information through which magnetic particles flow. An FTE is a magnetic cylinder about as wide as the Earth itself. These particles enter Earth by following magnetic field lines in these portals that stretch all the way from the Sun to Earth. This is an amazing fact!

These solar portals are very dynamic, opening and closing all the time like the mouth of a fish in water. On the day side of Earth (facing the sun), the magnetic field of the Sun and the Earth press against one another. About every eight minutes these two fields come together and merge, causing a portal to suddenly open through which these information particles flow. And they have two phases, active and passive. These portals form around the equator of the Earth when the IMF (Interplanetary Magnetic Field) tips toward the south (ACTIVE), and they form at higher Earth latitudes when the IMP tips to the north (PASSIVE). NASA has confirmed this.

What this means to each of us, heaven only knows, but findings such as these continue to confirm the very direct connection between our mother Sun and the child Earth on which we all live. We not only have the steady flow of sunlight each day, but the light and plasma from the Sun ebbs and flows, sometimes stronger and sometimes not. And we get sudden injections of information.

My interest has always been in how this flow of information affects our consciousness and psyche, because my belief is that it is through this kind of intercommunication with the sun that change enters our lives, in gentle streams and also in sudden bursts.

What is change? Where does it come from? How does it enter us and how does it work? These are questions I believe each of us can answer for ourselves by just becoming more aware of what takes place in our mind and bodies. We all read the abstract poetry as to how our life is a cosmic dance, and all that. Nice words. But there is also this cosmic dance that we are now performing, and always have. And it is not just verbiage.

We know that the Sun is the source of all light, heat, and life for us, but somehow science has sanitized this great mystery and communicated it to us so clinically, so materialistically. We might remember that our Sun is the living flame of our consciousness and that we dance to its tune at the end of these great portals that speak great winds of information blowing our mind throughout the day and the night. We are endlessly busy incorporating those changes the Sun shares with us. The truth is greater than any fiction ever could be.

[Photo of Echinacea taken on my birthday.]