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Published on May 21, 2013

I am running out of friends. Well, I have a lot of Facebook friends, but I am fast reaching the limit where I cannot "friend" anyone else and they cannot friend me. 5000 friends is the limit of Facebook, and I have only a couple of dozen friendship possibilities left. Only friends can comment, although I think anyone can read our blogs. Anyone know if this is this true?

I like the idea of being able to make a new friend should I meet one or if they find me, so what to do? I am doing two things, and the first may affect you.

I am going to start going through my friends and deleting those who don't belong here. I don't mean to be "unfriendly," but I am going to unfriend those who have friended me just to sell me something or to push their personal agenda. No offence intended. Many of these types I have never had a comment from, and if I look at their Facebook page, well, I won't get into that here, but let's just say those pages look more like a spider web and they the spider. So off they go. I am unfriending them.

And I am tired of those who try to chat me up, with just a "Hi," rather than an actual question. I am not a mean person, but too many of those that I have responded to end up wanting me to send money for this reason or not. I don't mind being chatted at, but ask me an actual question and I will answer. Also, I tend to leave my Facebook on, so if I don't answer it could be that I am busy doing other stuff and don't notice the chat window.

Should I mistakenly unfriend someone who actually cares about being my friend, I am sorry. Just befriend me again and I will re-accept you. But I am going to start looking more at who wants to be my friend, etc.

And it works both ways. If you are tired of me and my blogs, feel free to unfriend me. But if I find you are gone and miss you, I may try to befriend you again.

The second thing I have done is to create a mirror page called Michael Erlewine's Blog, where anyone can read my blogs AND comment. There is no statute of limitations on this page and no number of friends that is one too many. Here is the link:


So that is the state of my friendliness. I appreciate your comments and the interaction we have together, and am not looking to lose any friends who feel the same way.

Perhaps you may have other ideas, so feel free to comment please.