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Published on August 17, 2014

What's in a picture, a thousand words? You tell me. One thing I do know is that the nights here in Michigan are already turning cold and a little earlier than usual. We never did get that summer heat spell that somehow bakes summer into the skin. Yes, it very much seems that Fall is just around the corner. Not sure how I feel about that, given last winter's severity, but what can you do?

I could move down south where walking outside all winter is easier, but where would I be? Hundreds of miles from my kids and grandchildren. That wouldn't be any fun. What we might actually do is take a road trip or two down to where it is warm. Some of you living down there might have some suggestions as to nice places to visit. I know the Florida Everglades pretty well, so that could be fun.

However, right now it is time for our yearly ten-day retreat at KTD Buddhist monastery in the mountains above Woodstock, New York. We have been going to this particular 10-day intensive on Mahamudra meditation since it first started in 1989, this being the 26th year. Margaret and I have been driving that 800-mile trip (and back) almost enough times to go around the circumference of the Earth twice. That's a long way.

I, for one, am ready for it, a chance to spend time with my dharma teacher of 31 years, hear teachings from him about what I am most interested in, Mahamudra Meditation, and just generally have a time-out.

Not sure how much access I will have to the Internet or time to write a blog or two, so if I am off the grid for a while, you know where I am.

[Photo I took some time ago.]