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Published on September 11, 2014

It's been a while since we had a large solar flare, one in the X-Class, much less one that is fully geoeffective and coming right at Earth as this one is, so hang on and don't lose your sense of humor. It has been confirmed that this recent solar flare generated a CME-event (Corona Mass Emission) that is directly aimed at Earth. In fact, there are two CME events heading here, one launched (slower one) on September 9th and the other (faster one) yesterday, September 10th. They should arrive fairly close together on Friday September 12th with a one-two punch, making aurorae visible here on Earth perhaps even at mid-latitudes.

As usual I am not immediately that interested in the gross physical effects of sudden solar bursts, but rather the internal and psychological effects. I have written so often about the effect of these massive solar events that I have not much new to say. There are many articles and some books at this link, not to mention three videos, here:


As for what to expect this time, who knows? For me this kind of direct-to-Earth flare usually changes the rules of the game for me, deftly subverts any current sense of direction I might have, caused me to wake up to find myself heading off on another bearing. So far, this seems exactly what is happening now. The direction I have been on recently is fading out (I lose the trail) and another begins to open up, but I can't see it well enough yet to own, much less make use of it. It takes time for the smoke to clear and for me to get my feet back on the ground after change. Strong change is especially like that. If I am true to myself, then I have to drop what I was doing (since it has lost its direction) and pick up on what is new, what change has brought.

And by change I mean a quantum of sheer energy suddenly injected into whatever Rube Goldberg life-system I have going for myself. Change of any size always speeds things up, turns the wheel of life faster, and easily overflows rationality. Like a drunk driver, I can wake up and find myself heading for a wall or some such thing. In other words, it is easy to lose control at these times since we don't have any.

So far, with this particular solar influx, I am at the stage of wondering what happened to what I was so sure about just hours ago. Change pushes things around, overflows landmarks, and I kind of lose consciousness or, as mentioned, at least direction or focus – pretty much the same thing. I find myself once again a bit at sea.

As the dust settles, as the force of change wanes and the floodwaters of Lethe start to go down, I know I will gradually wake up, reset my sails, and establish yet another new direction. It might be the same direction as before for all I know. It will be new to me nevertheless. It is no wonder that irony is so popular.

As mentioned, a sense of humor helps. We pick up the pieces and put our Humpty-Dumpty self back together. To some degree, it is as if we start all over again. In that way it is good training, but frustrating as hell.

Gee, I would have liked to sail on in the direction I was headed before this little tsunami hit, but that never works because, by the time we realize we have been injected with change, we are already beside ourselves, pushed outside of the inside and looking in or at least around. Wha' happened?

Bottom line? A big solar influx like today that is Earth directed simply means change. A normal day of sunlight brings a normal amount of change. Big solar explosions literally can send (as this one seems to be doing) a huge mass of change at us, not just the kind of sun energy that grows the flowers. Such large amounts of change inundate us, flood us, until we lose sight of the landscape in which we were happily maneuvering and living our life before the change hit. We are swamped and often don't even know it. What are the signs?

The signs of a large solar influx can be subtle. It can be as simple as slowly realizing that what we have been working on just hours before now somehow no longer hits the mark. We are out of sorts, out of kilter, beside ourselves. Something has, well, changed. We have lost the feeling that guided us onward in a particular linear direction. We come up feeling just a little empty or off base, perhaps looking around and wondering who and where we are, and just what are we doing. There has been a shift in direction, and it is not something we are aware of causing.

What to do? The big thing I tell myself is to just relax and let the waves of change roll over me. Float with it. Drop any expectations and deadlines, and, as they say, go with the flow until the floodplain empties out and landforms become visible again. I am so dependent upon my sense of linear direction.

Then we can begin all over again to find direction or head in a direction that makes sense to us. There is no use in trying to go back or rebuild what we think used to be happening. It's not. Be sensitive to your intuition and keep treading water. We soon will find ourselves in familiar territory, familiar if only because we are getting used to it. Anyway, that's my usual recipe for handling change, not an Einstein approach. Change is pretty dumb.

If more of us would research and become aware of the changes from solar influx, we probably could do more about it. Life not only rolls the dice; every now and again it shakes the dice before the roll. This is that.