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Published on April 13, 2013


To my mind, one of the most important discoveries in my astrological life (some fifty years) has been the Dharma Chart. It literally changed my life forever.

Of course I had been studying my traditional astrological natal chart, and pushing it to give me spiritual direction or at least confirm my innermost sense of who I was. Certainly no one on the outside was confirming that.

Back then I did not understand fully that my traditional astrology chart was a chart of my personality and the circumstances that "I", whoever I am, was embedded in. I knew that beneath the persona and the particular circumstances I was caught up in there was a deeper being, something more, but I had no way being sure of that, so I hovered on the edge of existence for years.

When I discovered my dharma chart, I suddenly had two charts of the same moment in time (my birth) and the same set of planets, but each from a different view. Like a stereopticon, with two perspectives on the same subject, I had suddenly had a 3D view of who I was and why I was here.

The Dharma Chart is a map of our tribe, the archetype or lineage to which we naturally belong. This has given me the confidence to many of the things I have done in life. Here is a short video on the Dharma Chart, only ten minutes long for those interested:


Those of you interested in seeing your own dharma chart can find it here:


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