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Published on January 28, 2015

Just peeking out of the hole I am in, while I try to deal with over half a million photo files. I want to make sense out of them and somehow get them organized. Should I drop dead, no one would touch them again, and some of them are worth seeing. I know, you just want to see a few. My family seems to tire after maybe ten photos and I have yet to have anyone ask to see more than a few of my photos, etc. I understand, course, but here I am, responsible for hundreds of thousands of them and not willing to just throw them in the river like a sand mandala.

I plan to find a home for them where they can be permanently accessed and used by anyone who wants to use them for whatever project they are working on. That is the way images should be used, IMO, at least my images.

I am way behind in communicating much on Facebook, and there were important events, like my granddaughter Emma's third birthday party, which I did not attend, but Margaret did. I have photos.

And my daughter May and newest granddaughter Iris spend a couple of days here and that was wonderful. Iris can pull herself up now and stand hanging on to stuff. We are in for it soon. No more floor potato, but a moving target that we have to track all the time. I will write more on these and post photos. Both Emma and Iris, and their moms, will spend some days here with us very soon, so I had better get ready.

I guess I am also having a kind of a retreat with this photo work. It is seemingly endless tedious work, which I guess I am an expert at doing, having organized (or supervised) literally millions of pieces of information, with music, movies, games, rock posters, astrology books, etc. This might be my last hurrah in the tedium department.

I have been listening to dharma teachings while I work, so this is almost like a retreat for me. I am on the intake at the moment; the outflow is sure to come in time, but right now the tide is coming in.

[Here is one of those photos I am trying to organize and make available.]