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Published on June 7, 2013

A quick astrological update is in order, and two things immediately pop out that are worth mentioning IMO. First there is the New Moon on Saturday June 8, 2013 11:58 AM EDT. These New Moons always kind of sneak up on me and I tend to forget that the three days before the New Moon often point to a more obscure time, what is called the dark of the moon, what in Medieval times were called the "devil's days," and what in Tibetan Buddhism are called the fierce protector days. They are days to kind of keep your head down and wait it out.

Things tend to wind down to the New Moon and traditionally these are not times to start anything new, but rather ones to finish up what needs finishing or taking care of and generally hunker down until the New Moon passes and we are once again back on the upward curve toward the full of the moon.

So wait this one out and take obstacles that show up with a grain of salt. Know that any stagnation or slowdown we feel now will soon pass. For myself, I don't worry so much about how things around me appear at these last few days before the New Moon because if I wait a few days I know a change will come. So that is point number one.

The second point I want to make here, and something that kind of reinforces the staleness of the pre-New Moon days I mentioned above, is that we may feel a particular lack of drive or push right now, especially deep within us. Things are generally OK, but they are static and unmoving, and this sense of being without much inner momentum or drive will pass, but it will last through the New Moon and a little beyond.

So if you feel literally unmoved just now, listless, and without much drive, don't panic. The combination of this and the monthly lull at the New Moon pile up here to really retard things. What I try to tell myself is to think little to nothing of it and not jump to conclusions, don't do anything about it, but rather to at least try to sit back and wait this short time out until we take a turn in a new direction. Easier said than done.

For me this time of the month is always a kind of a pain, and if I am not aware, it sneaks up on me again and again. So, and I am giving myself advice here, just roll with it and do your best to not react.

As they say, "our being is in waiting" just now.