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Published on April 1, 2015

The wheels of the mind keep on turning, as incoming change piles up and works its way through me.as they say, “The hits just keep on comin’.” I wish I had something of real interest to report, but I am kind of rapt in the moment and have yet to really surface or get a good look at what it is I am going through. I like to say it is not what I am going through this time as much as it is that the “I” in me is what is going through change. Where it stops, nobody knows.

I feel kind of guilty in that I have posted any and everything in these blogs for years, and suddenly I am more or less speechless – without words. I can offer photos, however, and am speaking through them until I find myself again, if there is such a thing as a Self to find anymore.

I did manage to listen to the 17th Karmapa speak this afternoon through a webcast from Princeton University on “A Buddhist Perspective, Gender, the Environment, and Activism.” At one point he was asked what is his view on Gay and Lesbians. In essence, he replied that wherever there is deep heartfelt love between two people, no matter what their gender, that is a real and good relationship. And where there is only physical attraction, that is not the same kind of relationship.

Here is a photo I took today that will have to stand for what I can say right now.

For those who want to pick up on the Karmapa’s webcast, the link is here.