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Published on June 12, 2013

Change is the only constant, at least that's what the Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote: that only change is unchanging. It alone endures. I hear that.

The winds of change never stop blowing. I guess that's the whole point. More than just a gentle breeze, I can feel the wind in my face of late.

I also know from experience that it is up to me to catch the wind, to set the sails of my attitude, and sail away in the general direction I want to go. I am doing that now.

And it is clear that I can decide when to take advantage of the winds and precipitate personal change in my life. I know the wind is always there and that I choose when to pull up the sails, catch the wind, and just go. I am doing that now, but go where?

I can't share that just now, but I will soon. Anyway, I have my sails up, the wind at my back, and the spinnaker sail all the way out front.

[Photo taken yesterday.]