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Published on June 13, 2013

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? That's what the poets say. What an understatement! The eye receives beauty like flowers sunlight.

When the mind rests and the eye is open, light enters. Not just light, but the beauty in light, the beauty light carries to the eye, and we see that.

The beauty in light touches the eye gently with the finest brush and leave its mark. Light imprints and etches the mind through the eye. We might think that the eye sees out, but it is light that reaches in to the eye and is received. Seeing is all about reception, being able or open enough to let the light (and the images it carries) all in.

If we can allow it, if we can be open, light will enter and paint the perfect image in the eye. We don't have to struggle to see, but rather just relax and let the light in. That is what seeing is, letting go and receiving the light, opening to it.

There is no need for me to overlay my ideas of art on top of what I see, to try and see things beautiful according to my designs. Nature is already, in my opinion, perfectly designed, as in: beautiful. Seeing for me is allowing beauty to manifest just-as-it-is to the eye, crystal-like insight into a vivid world.

The beauty that we see is always a portrait of ourselves, of our beautiful mind.

Note: The above is an analogy where beauty is the true nature of the mind and the eye is the process of actual meditation. I find this analogy useful.

[Older photo of mine that I like.]