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Published on June 16, 2013

I am getting some requests for a general astrological overview for this current time, so here is the short take.

Astrologically, we have been in a time of relative stability, both inside ourselves and in the outer world around us. It does not happen all that often, that our inner and outer hungers (what's driving or eating us) approach a flat-line status, and that all the balls we have been juggling fall into line and kind of stabilize. That's the good news.

The bad news with stability is that it is, pardon me, stable, and can be static, with no great inner urges or outer chaos to drive us into action. So don't be surprised if you find yourself wondering why you are not more moved to do whatever you think you should be doing and, instead, find yourself frittering time away tapping your fingers on the table or watching reruns of Seinfeld. You get the idea, there is a lack of "wanna."

However, one pattern that (for me anyway) stands out from the gentle roar of the current stasis is the alignment just now of the planet Jupiter and the Earth/Sun with the center of our Galaxy in late Sagittarius/Gemini. It only happens once every six years that these three points line up, and this particular line-up may be experienced more internally in effect since it is not being triggered outwardly.

Remember that one of the ancient Sanskrit words for Jupiter is "guru," so Jupiter generally acts as our guide, pointing out the life path we may wisely follow based on our particular karma. And the Galaxy Center is where information essential for the cybernetic stability of our solar system (Sun) radiates from, and the Sun is our inner life, and so on. Anyway, what might all this mean?

In my opinion, this alignment suggests that we may feel an inner shift gently locking into place, like freight-train cars linking up and slowly moving forward in a line, a linear direction. Superficially we could say this pertains or affects our vocation or career, but I feel this goes deeper than that. It also touches the inner us (spirit), as our spiritual and material directions themselves come more into alignment. It should feel right or "good," like we are onto something not only useful but also spiritually meaningful – the right path.

Again, this very real change is more subtle or inner than outward, so don't expect fireworks or newspaper headlines. And even though we may feel more listless than usual, unable to move ourselves to action, there is inner change falling into place that should feel natural, change that won't soon be undone.

And it is my thought that, although this change is a quiet one and perhaps hard to put our finger on, it is a deeper change, an alignment more toward the center than the periphery. Core changes affect the entire periphery more than peripheral changes touch the core. In other words, we are experiencing a core change in our life path or direction, one that may pass almost unnoticed but that will alter our course subtly but irrevocably.

That's my quick on the astrology of now.

As for me, I am quite tuned in at the moment and taking this change very personally. I am reminded of a time and a poem I wrote way back in the day, which I will quote here.


My work undone,
Yet done,
I rise.

Drifting through strains,
I sieve,
And pass myself,
Open out to nothing,
Thoughts to touch back,
Not once more.

A clear sleep is soft,
It's ever blooming sound,
Is silence.

Ah, to find my way,
Among the slips of time.
And slip I will,
Now lost to striving,
And lounge in this room of emptiness.

To lie back in time,
Behind its edge,
And ever look eternally.

No way to pass this on.
This is: passing on.
Slamming against the walls of time,
I shove off into eternity…

Spread open a flower,
So wide.

Circa. 1967
Michael Erlewine