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Published on July 22, 2013

I missed a blog yesterday. We are into the week of the changeover at my company and things are moving fast. Lots to do and some of it only I can do.

David and Fei Cochrane of Cosmic Patterns arrive here in Michigan on this Wednesday. They will be staying here at the Heart Center, our dharma center, right next to where we live. I will turn over the company to them later this week or by next Monday at the latest.

Each day is more-or-less mapped out and we will hold our main meetings in the library building, which itself is undergoing change. I spent most of the morning going through all of the shelves and marking each shelf for the moving company that is to come, a big red label means it goes, a big blue label means it stays.

My granddaughter Emma spent a number of days here, heading back home late this morning. Emma is putting words together now, not necessarily in order, but you know what she means. She learned to give her dog Lukah (a husky) a dog biscuit, so she is going around telling everyone Emma, "cookie," Lukah.

Emma loves her grandpa and grandpa loves Emma. We hang out. My office is one of her favorite spots. I was down working in the library this morning and my wife Margaret said she went into my office to get something and there was Emma sitting on my couch, either waiting for me or just hanging out. She likes it there. Emma wanted to give me a kiss before she hit the road.

So I am busy. I am also creating a ten-minute video to honor my dharma teacher, who is having something like his 90th birthday celebration at his monastery (KTD – Karma Triyana Dharmachakra) in Woodstock at the end of August. It will take me some serious time to put together a video that reflects what a great being his is, and how much of what is good in my life I own to him. Margaret feels the same way.

So…. busy, busy, busy does it, for now, and then: rest.

[Photo by me.]