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Published on July 31, 2013

First, an update:

At four or five this morning the jam-packed 26-foot truck of Matrix equipment heads to Florida driven by the indefatigable team of David and Fei Cochrane. We had a wonderful dinner together last night to mark this special event. It is 4 AM and I just hugged them goodbye and wished them a safe trip!

Their departure leaves me standing at the threshold of the rest of my life. At this tipping point, I hope you will indulge a few thoughts that may be out-of-the-box.

After forty years I am once again a free bird. My large astrological library is next to go. This does not much concern me because for years I have read my astrology from the book of the mind and shared it with anyone interested. That book of inner astrological treasure is always open to me, but my heart and mind belong to the dharma, of which astrology is but one part. I will try to explain.

It is getting harder for me to converse. In general, my friends are fascinated by this or by that subject, by studying one thing or another, whatever really lights them up. I understand and appreciate that. Yet I am fascinated by the process of fascination, the clarity of mind that comes from concentrating with pure heart on anything. I don't care what you love. I care 'that' you love and I study the clarity of mind that any pure focus can bring, no matter the subject.

Of course everything is interesting when the mind is afire. At those times, wherever we look, we see clearly. Yet it is the clarity of the mind that makes this possible, the very process of seeing in itself. It is the seeing that I want to talk about with you or anyone.

You may want to talk about the particular object of your interest. I want to talk about the interest itself, the clear seeing, the very process of insight itself. Yet, in most conversations that is a bridge too far. You are looking at one thing, I another. I don't want to rain on your parade by pointing at something else, but there is something else to consider.

I don't care whether you talk about yourself or some academic subject that has your interest. It is not that I am not interested in you or whatever your interest is, but rather that I can't help but watch the process of being interested, the process of seeing, not what is seen. The process is my object. It is the clarity that is what I want to learn more about.

When the seeing catches fire, it is incendiary and recursive, feeding on itself. It burns through thought or rather sees through thought to thought's nature, which is a realization greater than any thought or content can interest us in by itself.

Clarity of insight, clear seeing (all by itself) is both the subject and the object of itself. Like a hall of mirrors, it sees itself seeing itself and that endlessness is the end of it. We are just clear. That's all, but that's enough.

This is where this kind of talk goes beyond words and becomes some kind of realization. I will meet you there.

[Photo taken yesterday]